We are living in a material world…

I have been needing some new workout gloves for the longest, but I have a really hard time buying myself things. I always feel so guilty and indulgent when I buy something for myself. IDK why…? I should probably work on that, but whatever. My hands were dying, getting more and more manly by the day. I was putting on lotion like a lunatic and I still had these huge calluses. So, I decided that I would start to research workout gloves. I am the biggest nerd when it comes to things like this. I have to do lots of research before actually spending my money. So, of course, the first thing I do is go to Facebook and Twitter to get some real life people’s opinions. And, from a few different people I was hearing the G-Loves makes the best. So, I went to their website and started looking. The first thing that caught my eye was that they were $45! For a chick that barely buys anything for herself, $45 is a lot! I was a little hesitant, so I decided to continue my research (basically to see what kind of bad things I could find to talk myself out of it) and, let me tell you! I could not find ONE bad review! Not one!
So, I ordered them. There were like 5 pair that I wanted, but I decided to go with the “Materiel Girl” ones. They are black and white, so I figured they’d match everything. And, who doesn’t love 80’s Madonna. I ordered them on a Wednesday and they arrived on Saturday! That was a pleasant surprise! I love companies that ship things out so quickly like that!
So, of course, I had to take a picture of them as soon as they arrived. They were so dang cute! I couldn’t wait to get to the gym and try them out! I got off work at midnight, and told V that we had to go to the gym so I could try them out. It’s a good thing he doesn’t mind all of my nerdiness! These gloves are like heaven on your hands! SO much better than the Gold’s Gym ones I had before. I couldn’t even feel the bar in my hand. I could tell the weights were there, but my hands weren’t feeling any of it! I was seriously blown away. They are worth every.single.penny (if not more)! A-Freakin’-MAZING! Seriously! I will recommend G-Loves to anyone and everyone that asks! They rock! I can’t wait to get my next pair!


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